Programmes of actions

The programs of Actions aims at achieving the objectives of APPA, as prescribed in the founding act of the Association and reaffirmed during the XXIth Session of the Council of Ministers, in Abuja in March 2004.
These objectives can be summarized as follow:

  • Cooperation (Between Member Countries);
  • Assistance (Technical);
  • Coordination (Policies, strategies, trades, actions), and
  • Comprehension (energetic situation, policies).
The preceding Programs of Actions essentially concerned the promotion of the cooperation in the upstream sector of the oil chain.
The actions were constituted in seminars of which the organization costs fell to one or more Member Countries. These seminars provided the following encouraging results:
  • to Break the communication barriers that existed between actors of the upstream sector in the Member Countries;
  • to Exchange information on experiences, giving rise to the awareness on strength and weaknesses of the upstream sector in the Member Countries;
  • to Apprehend the instruments to implement in order to build a true cooperation; It is about the creation of the APPA Funds for Technical Cooperation and the creation of the African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (CAPE).
Nevertheless, the efforts remain to be done regarding preoccupations of Member Countries for the development and a better mastery of their oil sector.
A new approach was adopted for the elaboration of the 8th Programs Actions, regarding the attained objectives of the Association:
  1. Criticism of the entire previous programs in order to know the past and better direct the future;
  2. Adoption by the Council of Ministers of APPA of a memorandum setting up the big orientations of the new program and creation of an Ad hoc Committee made of former Executive Secretaries and of senior official of Member Countries to better elaborate the 8th Program of Actions of the Association;
  3. Asserted will of an international renovated turned cooperation towards the attained concrete results;
  4. Decision to diversify the African market of the hydrocarbons through transverse projects;
  5. Main place reserved to the training of human resources, first capital of any enterprise;
  6. Adoption of the follow up and evaluation indicators of the 8th Program of Actions, signs of a true obligation of results to all the levels.
Thus every project registers to the 8th program satisfies the compatibility requirements with the APPA objectives, of impact in the Member Countries, of respect of the delays of execution that must not surpass the length of the Program.

The 8th Program of Actions will engage the process of diversification of the African market of hydrocarbons through the transverse projects such as:
  1. the Comparative Study related Legal and Contractual framework on oil sector in APPA Member Countries initiated, on one hand to attract the oil companies to promote research and exploration on the sedimentary basins of the continent, and on the other hand, to reinforce the control of countries on their oil and gas resources, to maximize their recipes and the benefit of oil activities;
  2. Harmonization of the stratigraphic nomenclature of the sedimentary basins regarding the promotion of researches and oil explorations;
  3. The Study of the African market of crude oil and petroleum products; previous to the optimization of flows of hydrocarbons on the continent, the promotion and the modernization of the regional installations of storage and supplying of oil products of the continent; and the promotion of transport facilitations of crude oil, natural gas and oil products.
Other projects will allow APPA to train human resources, promote the '' local content'', develop gas activities and contribute to the protection of the environment. It is all about:
  • Prevention and fights against marine pollution by hydrocarbons;
  • Creation of the African Oil Institute (AFPI);
  • Study of the conditions of growth of the "local content" of the oil industry and of mastery of oil activities of Member Countries;
  • Study on the promotion and development of the gas sector in Africa (natural gas, Flaring gas, GPL .);
  • Study and implementation of actions of assistance to African Countries importers of net oil;
  • Construction of the Association headquarters;
  • Study of the institutional reform of APPA ;
  • Study related to the sustainable development and to the after oil (study of the conditions of dismantling of the dilapidated oil installations).
In conclusion, a successful implementation of the 8th Program will enable the Association:
  • to improve the rate of exploration of the African sedimentary basins;
  • to diversify the energetic markets of the Member Countries;
  • to improve the level of mastery of the activities of the hydrocarbons sector;
  • to reduce noticeably the quantities of flaring gas and therefore to improve the protection of the environment and the electricity production;
  • to improve the access rate to modern energies;
  • to put the first stakes of the after oil, source of exhaustible energy.

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